Offering fresh milk from pasture to glass daily, available for purchase through our herd share program.

What is a herd share? Simply put, it allows an individual to purchase a share of our herd and is entitled then to their portion of the benefits of owning the share- in this case, fresh milk on a weekly basis.

Share prices as follows:

$25 new share member fee

Whole share: $80 per month, entitles share owners one gallon of fresh milk per week

Half share: $48 per month, entitles share owners a half gallon of fresh milk per week

Our cows are rotational pasture grazed, have access to free-choice minerals, and treated as our largest family members. Tested monthly for standard plate count and coliform count, results available at creamery. 

TO JOIN: We are currently updating our herd share program agreements, please contact us directly via email at sarah@godspeedhollow or using the contact us link above to join. Thank you for your patience while we update our website.



We offer whole or half shares of pasture raised pork for private purchase or restaurant offerings. Our animals are bred and born on our farm where they live their lives exclusively on pasture. They have access to protective shelters with clean bedding and fresh food and water each day. 

We offer custom processing through a local USDA facility and can help you with arrangements for butchering based on your needs. Please submit an inquiry form with your interest and we can help you determine what the best option is for your family or restaurant.




red ranger chicken (offered as whole bird only)

These chickens are raised Joel Salatin style on our pastures through the late spring and summer, enjoying fresh grass each day. These chickens are processed using ODA standards and available frozen throughout the year. Typically finished weight is between 4-5 pounds, the perfect size for a family to enjoy for several meals.